Last month, I planned for my trip to Thailand with many activities in mind. There are some things that you simply MUST DO if you make the trek to Phuket. And seeing the  Kho Phi Phi islands was at the top of my list. Kho Phi Phi is as surreal an experience as it gets, and like most experiences in Thailand – it’s a very inexpensive and seamless trip. We booked our Kho Phi Phi Island tour through Airbnb, specifically through a Phuket based company ran by locals who were both friendly and easy to talk to to. The event starts at a pier in Ko Kaeo where you’ll likely be mixed with a large group of foreigners all looking to take a speed boat over to the islands. The group is divided into teams with a local tour guide assigned to each boat (go blue team!). It took about an hour to get from the pier to our first stop, but the trip itself was quite peaceful. The speedboat is spacious, large enough to store bags and snacks to eat while looking over the expense of blue water. Honestly I slept for most of the trip! Our first stop was at one of the more popular islands of Kho Phi Phi – Monkey Island. We didn’t get a chance to leave the speedboat as the area was quite crowded with tourists trying to get close and personal with the islands wild monkeys, but we did see a few of them jumping from the rocks. 

The next stop after Monkey Island was Tonsai Beach, a very gorgeous area with a myriad of shops and restaurants. There were small beach bars, set ups for paddle boarding and a small deli which sold durian popsicles  (honestly I do not recommend them unless you reallyyyy love durian – which I doubt). After a local lunch prepared by the company, we continued our trek and were driven past the infamous James Bond Island, which was featured in The Man With the Golden Gun. The most impressive island was Kho Pho Phi Le, due to its absolutely perfect beaches and Instagram worthy views. It was here that most tourists chose to stop and take pictures – but be warned – you can’t venture very far into the water due to a very bountiful coral reef close to the shore. 

The trip was rounded off with a visit to the lagoon of Ao Pi Le, an absolutely magical bay with the bluest water I’ve ever seen. Here we were able to hop off the boat and swim with other tourists. It was a wonderful experience and not one that I’ll soon forget. 

BOOKING: Booking can be done through various Airbnb experiences

PRICE: $40-50 to include transportation and free lunch

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