During our stay in Phuket, we decided to make camp at one of the more luxurious hotels in the area – the Westin Siray Bay Resort and Spa. Westin’s Siray Bay Resort was the best choice we could have made for an immersive, luxurious experience in Phuket. Our trip was relatively short, so we were more than willing to pay for the chance to stay at a resort with amazing views, top tier service and easy transportation.

Room Service and Amenities:

The Westin’s room service was absolutely amazing. Like most top brand hotels, we were able to request daily cleanings, laundry and food straight to the room. Room service includes meals from most of the restaurants at the resort, and is delivered on a cart which will be carefully set up for you by a hotel employee. Any additional services can be easily charged to your card. 

In terms of amenities, there several including a resort spa, pool, poolside bar (with a very convenient “happy hour”) and a fitness center. 


Siray Bay is a large, very widespread resort — meaning that it isn’t exactly easy to get around by foot. Not to worry! The hotel has a very efficient way of getting patrons where they need to be via small go-carts which can be requested from the room and front desk. There is also a car service at the resort’s lobby. For us, this was incredibly useful as we didn’t want to deal with the hassle of calling a taxi and potentially getting hassled for through the roof prices. The Westin’s transportation services were incredibly fair and seamless to use. 

Resort Spa: 

My gal friend and I made a very spontaneous decision to get an immersive spa experience at the resort’s “Heavenly Spa” — and we definitely didn’t regret it! The spa offers a wide array of services including facials, massages, body wraps, body scrubs and more. We decided to get a package that included a body detox in a very hot, very steamy sauna followed by a full body massage. It was worth every cent! The full spa’s menu and prices can be found on the resort’s website. 

Restaurants and Bars:

There are several diverse restaurants offered at the resort, many of which include Thai cuisine. We went to Seasonal Tastes twice and each time tried a delicious Thai dish including pineapple fried rice, tom kha gai soup and mango sticky rice. In addition to Thai cuisine, the resort also has a Prego by the Beach and a Salvatore’s. 

Resort Website:

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