In Japan, each season is associated with one or two different kinds of flowers. The most popular of them all is undoubtedly “sakura season” in the springtime, but there are many other, lesser known seasons that are just as beautiful and celebrated by the Japanese people. For example, in late March, wisteria begin to reach their fullest blooming and can be admired at several unique locations throughout Japan. The number one spot for wisteria viewing is about a three hour train ride from Tokyo at a place called Ashikaga – more specifically, Ashikaga Flower Park. This beautiful park and garden is filled with all kinds of attractions including rose bushes, several lakes and trees covered in radiant blossoms. During wisteria season, the park features a charming terrace with tendrils of the lavender blooms that hang down, making for a very romantic picture.

In general, the park is extremely beautiful, and wisteria season augments this beauty. Besides the nature, the park also houses a small cafe where you can buy unique foods like wisteria flavored ice-cream, (surprisingly sweet with only mild hints of floral zest). There are also a variety of resting spots where groups can sit and admire the views, all of which are gorgeous and ethereal, reminiscent of a fairy tail. Whether you visit Ashikaga for the wisteria, sakura, or just to enjoy the grounds, you’re in for a treat!

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