Hands down the most extravagant hotel I’ve been to thus far is the Westin at Nusa Dua (Bali, Indonesia). 

During our trip to Bali, my friend and I were fortunate enough to spend five nights at this resort. The name comes from Nusa Dua beach, a beautiful expanse of soft white sand with views of the ocean beyond. The resort is extremely comfortable and highly addictive when it comes to relaxation, delicious food and long evenings of lounging by the water. There was even one day that we spent entirely at the resort enjoying its many amenities. Below are some of the services that Nusa Dua has to offer. 

Room Service/Food & Drink:

Personally, I am a big fan of room service. There was nothing better than returning to the room after a long day of hiking and adventuring in the hot Balinese sun and ordering a tray of delicious food. Like the Siray Bay Westin (Phuket), Nusa Dua offers an array of local cuisine as well as standard Western style food like steak, grilled salmon and burgers. We were able to order alcoholic beverages, smoothies, soups and deserts…Pretty much anything we could think of. More adventurous drinks were found at the poolside bars scattered throughout the resort. One particular drink that stood out to me was a nori gin mix (never thought I’d want seaweed  infused in my drink, but it wasn’t bad!)


Inspired by our spa experience at Siray Bay, my gal friend and I decided to treat ourselves to another spa day at Nusa Dua (listen, those plane rides were long and our backs were sore as heck). Although we only requested a full body massage, the experience was much more than that. We were invited to enjoy the spa’s hot tub and sauna then escorted to individual themed spaces such as the “Jasmine” and “Ginger” rooms for our much needed massages. Afterwards we were able to rest in an open, peaceful lounge where chili dark chocolate and iced lemon water awaited us. It was a deeply relaxing setting and the employees were all extremely kind and polite. 


The resort is quite compact; it wasn’t too difficult to roam its grounds by foot. There is however a shuttle system available as well as a car service to drive patrons to and from the hotel. I highly recommend that anyone visiting Bali make use of such a service to avoid jacked prices. It was very efficient and relatively inexpensive. 


Overall I really enjoyed our time at Nusa Dua. The resort is huge and has a ton of different things to do including an array of restaurants and bars, fitness classes and even more niche activities like tennis and golf.  While the stay itself was a bit hefty in terms of pricing (a four day booking amounted to about 1500 USD) the amenities are reasonably priced and worth every dollar. We had the option of finding a less expensive hotel, or even vying for a hostel. But heck — we were on vacation in Bali and were looking to treat ourselves. Nusa Dua’s Westin was the perfect choice. 

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