In Japan, there are festivals happening almost every week. Many are centered around cuisine, like the spring time Gyoza Festival or the numerous beer festivals that pop up around Oktoberfest.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few of these, but the cutest one of all took place this past February at Yokohama Brick House – the Yokohama Strawberry Festival! Early spring is strawberry season in Japan, and it’s quite evident. Even the Ministop convenience store near my apartment started to sell bundles of fresh picked strawberries. Of course the best way to celebrate the season is to venture out to a local farm and go strawberry picking with friends and family; while I didn’t get a chance to do that last year, I did get the next best thing by trying an assortment of delicious snacks at the Yokohama Strawberry Festival. 

The festival itself is at a very cool location. Yokohama Brick House is an his industrial complex comprised of an assortment of stores, restaurants and pop-up shops and is located right next to the Yokohama Bay. It’s the home of many different events. 

Tickets for the event can be bought at the entrance, but only with cash. That being said, once inside most of the venues accepted either cash or card. Upon entering the festival tent, we were greeted by local sellers of all sorts dishing out a variety of strawberry-related goodies: hot strawberry sangria, bags of strawberry tea, cake cups with sweet strawberry frosting, chocolate pizza with strawberry toppings, strawberry scones…and many, many more delicious concoctions. I got dizzy looking at all of the options. 

My friend and I tried a cup of the strawberry sangria and bought a few items before departing the tent, but for those looking to stay a while, there were rows of benches and seats lined outside. 

The entire venture was quite short, but worth the delicious snacks and cute photos. More information about the festival can be found on the Yokohama Brick House Facebook Page.

Event cost: 1500 yen

Transportation: Train; quick and scenic walk from the station 

Event Dates: Annually during February-March timeframe 

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