Immersive museums have grown in popularity over the past few years. When I lived in the states (prior to Japan) I’d heard of plenty pop-up immersive experiences combining technology, sound and light. In Tokyo, there are several to choose from any day of the year. Team Labs has created several immersive museums across the world, the most popular of which are indisputably Team Labs: Planets and Team Labs: Borderless. Both of these amazing experiences are located in Tokyo and offer similar, but also very unique visuals. Let’s dive into it! 

Team Labs Planets:

Many people prefer Planets to Borderless as it contains some of the more popular displays. These include a colorful, mesmerizing room filled with inflatable spheres and a giant space filled with multi-colored LED lights that change from pink to blue to white in a blink of an eye. It’s truly like something out of a sci-fi movie. The highlight of my experience was the “Flower Room”. If you’re willing to wait in line 10-15 minutes, you’ll get the opportunity to enter a giant room made of mirrors with layers of vines and foliage hanging down below. So low in fact that the only way to get around is on your hands and knees. The trick to those room is that if you want pictures, you’ll have to execute as quickly as possible. This is because every group is fitted into a seven minute slot before getting very enthusiastically escorted out of the space. That’s how popular this one is! It’s a hustle, but if you pose smartly, you’ll end up with some very beautiful photos. 

Team Labs Borderless: 

Although equally stunning, Borderless is is less oriented around picture taking and is geared more towards experiences. For example, in one room, guests can draw their own “fish” or “lizard” which will then join the plethora of other wildlife illuminating the walls, floors and ceilings. If you tap the creature or step on them, they’ll disappear in a burst of light. Another space is completely dark except for images of luminescent waves projected on the walls, which can then be manipulated with a finger tap or wave. My personal favorite room was massive and scattered with artificial hills that children were playing on. Beads of light and “flowers” fell from the ceiling, lighting the space with purple, yellow, blue and gold. If you stood against the walls, beads of light “bounced” right off you, like  colorful pellets of rain. 

Overall, I found Planets and Borderless to be very fun experiences that weren’t too pricy or crowded. The staff do an amazing job of facilitating tour groups and there are free lockers to store your belongings. If you ever find yourself in Tokyo, be sure to add Team Labs to your itinerary! 

PRICE: There are various prices offered for adults, children and disabled persons, with a maximum fee of 3800 yen. Prices can be found at the Team Labs Website.

TRANSPORTATION: Both Team Labs PLANETS and BORDERLESS are both centered in Tokyo and easily accessible via car, bus or train. 

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